Facts and Issues in Africa

60 % of Africans go to bed hungry
Half pf those 60% are seriously malnourished
Only 37% have access to clean drinking water
Millions died in famines in Ethiopia, Somalia, Mozambique, and Sudan
In the early 1960’s Africa produced 95% of its needed food, today, every country imports food
Population is going up 3.5% a year, food is going down 2.5% a year
Food production is 20% lower than in 1970, when the population was half what it is now

Reason for hunger in Africa
– Growing population, fastest growing of any continent in history
– Lack of water -> 47% of Africa is too dry for rainfed crops
– Not enough money for irrigation
– Lack of topsoil -> expanding desert
– erosion by wind
– Tribes cutting wood for fires
– Livestock eating ground cover
– Buring for planting
– Droughts
– Little understanding of modern technology -> much farming still done by hand on small plots
– Lack of education
– Governments keep prices of food low to keep themselves popular, but farmers then can’t make a living – Lack of storage facilities
– lack of transportation
– Bugs and pests eating crops
– Disease carrying bugs in fertile areas
– No development of high yielding seeds suitable for African climates
– Wars -> farmers become soldiers
– Farms become battlefield
– Refugees leave their homes and farms


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